Edible Collagen

Size (diameter in mm):

Comes in clear color

Size 19 comes in 6 strands/box, 14,3 meters per strand and 85 meters/box.

Size 24 comes in 5 strands/box, 14.3 meters per strand and 71 meters/box.

Size 28 comes in 5 strands/box, 15,24 meters per strand and 76 meters/box.

Available in EU.

    • Wienier
    • Frankfurter
    • Hot Dog
    • PØlser
    • Bockwurst
    • Bratwurst
    Please store Devro Casings in a cool and dry place

    Recommended storage temperature is 5 ~ 15 degrees Celsius. Please avoid freezing temperatures.
    To store remaining casings, make sure to seal open boxes airtight. Please wrap the caddy in plastic and seal with scotch tape to prevent dehydration or rehydration.

    Shelf life
    Under proper and consistent storage conditions, the product has a shelf life of three (3) years after the date of production.

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