Vaccum bags or Vacuum Pouches also called Vacuum Sealer Bags are used to package perishable food products, to give a longer shelf life, and to preserve the freshness and the flavor.

Our bags are made in the coextrusion process of nylon and polyethylene (PA/PE). The thickness of 90 microns (3,5mil) makes our bag durable enough and resistant for punctures and abrasions.

Our Vivid vacuum bags are food approved for direct contact with food. 

Vacuum bag creates an airless condition to prevent food from spoiling.

Vacuum packaging can extend the shelflife of a food product by up to five times.

Vacuum bag also preserves the freshness and flavor.


  • Very good sealability 
  • PE seal
  • Easy handling 
  • High transparency 
  • Adequate barrier properties 
  • Premium outlook