Be sure that the casing is stored under the recommended conditions, i.e., at temperatures of 0-35°C, relative humidity of 50% to 70% and in the original packaging. Recommended shelf life for all fibrous casings is 24 months after manufacture date.

Hornfit recommendations
The sausage meat batter must generally be stuffed at approximately 1-2.5°C so as to avoid the friction of the stuffing machinery. The meat batter is forced through a stuffing horn of appropriate diameter into the casing.

Hornfit recommendations for our casing:

Size 45 = 28 mm
Size 50 = 28 mm
Size 56 = 36 mm

Size 60 = 36 mm
Size 75 = 48 mm
Size 80 = 48 mm

Many of the properties of fibrous casing derive from the use of long-fibered paper in its construction. In order to activate these excellent properties, the casing has to be moisturized. A dry casing has strength but no elasticity. By soaking immediately before use – the casing is given the right combination of strength and stretch in order to guarantee trouble-free sausage processing operations and reach the desired stuffing diameter. We recommend soaking in lukewarm drinking-quality water for between 30 and 60 minutes.