100% Biodegradable casing

Viskoteepak's cellulose casings are an excellent choice for a wide range of sustainable applications. Both our Wienie-Pak and Fibrous product lines are cellulose-based casings and needless to say, fully biodegradable.

Softwood-based pulps
ViskoTeepak uses softwood-based specialty pulps to produce viscose as base ingredient for our Wienie-Pak and Fibrous products. These pulp materials are purchased from companies in the U.S. and Scandinavia which manage their forests on a sustainable basis.

Sustainable development for the environment
People all over the world have seen the effects of industrial evolution, and there is growing concern over the global warming and climate change. So, it's the responsibility of every company – and every individual – to actively protect our planet's future. At ViskoTeepak, we've implemented systems and procedures for waste management and energy control. We minimize and recycle all waste that's generated through our operations. We have also implemented air and water-cleaning systems that minimize the negative environmental effects on our surroundings.

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our employees and the community will always come first with ViskoTeepak. The viscose process and casing production imply certain risks, so our success depends entirely on the assurance of safety in every aspect of our operation. We try to identify and anticipate health hazards in the work environment and work with effective risk management. We monitor all parts of our operations and work for a "safety first" culture. We motivate each other by using common courtesy in everything we do, throughout the entire organization. Moreover, we take full responsibility for our actions and will always accept accountability in the event a defect or other issue is found.

Did you know ?
That ViskoTeepak was the first company in industry to issue reports in accordance with the GRI sustainability standard? Of course, that's just a part of our achievements so far. We're by no means done with our sustainability work, and we promise to become even better.